What is Grace?

In order to understand why grace is important we must understand the basics of what grace is. Grace is a term used to describe the free and undeserved favor and love of God. It includes seeing beyond the garbage in someone’s life to see the individual for his or her strengths.Grace does not mean that there is no such thing as right and wrong but rather that our wrongs, and rights, do not matter to God in relationship to our salvation or God’s love for us.
Grace doesn’t “condone or condemn, [it] understands.”1 

Implications of Grace

There have been six suicides (there were more - not all made national news) in the past month (October 2010) due, in part to bullying.  The bullying aimed at students’ sexual orientation, or their assumed sexual orientation, needs to stop.  Self-hatred can come from the false belief that God does not want them.  If one person would have sat down with these kids and told them that “God loves them, no matter what” it could have saved their life. 

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